Key Achievements

Led the redevelopment of a major manufacturing site - a £58m investment in cheese and whey processing and infrastructure.

Led and motivated site and central teams in the fulfillment of a time driven market cream transfers from two sites to a third and the subsequent development of processing and filling lines. A £10.55m project requiring close liaison with both the site and central teams in difficult external circumstances, to meet with projected operating plans.

Led the project works for a strategic Dairies Integration programme. This involved the purchase of two sites; the development of one and closure of the other as well as expansion works at two existing sites in readiness to deliver additional capacity to match the business plans. Project works value of £25m.

Continued the phased development of a newly acquired dairy including a 2.6 km pipeline to enable treated waste water to be discharged thus increasing site capacity. Projects value £3m

Project Manager for the investment in high speed cheese Pre-Pack involving a team of multi-national contractors and suppliers. A £28m investment that enabled the phased withdrawal from existing third party contract packing and secured the supply chain for the Company's key brand (valued at £200m).
In 2016 Brian Eddy was honoured with membership of the Guild of Cheese Graders and La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers.